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8 Ways to embrace sustainable architecture

A sustainable architecture is a general term used to define a eco-friendly home constructed in order to reduce or prevent the hazardous impact of buildings on the environment. This includes the choices made on the materials used, designs implemented, waste systems etc.

The purpose of sustainable architecture is to ensure that the impact of it reaches the surroundings positively and also to avoid large amount of waste or reuse them.

Some of the effective ways that your home can save our planet are as follows:

1. Prefabricated homes:

This method involves assembling the required materials at the manufacturing unit and transporting them to the location site.

Unlike traditional method of construction which requires extra materials that can lead to more waste, prefabricated house avoids excessive waste since they are constructed at the factory itself and the waste generated can be re- cycled in – house. Additionally, these houses are also cost effective and takes shorter construction time.

2. Container houses:

A large amount of cargo waste are discarded near the ports around the globe without being used. The concept of container houses, makes use of these cargo containers effectively. Since these containers are already in a perfect shape to be repurposed into homes, they saves the time, cost, and materials of construction making them an eco – friendly home.

3. Small and efficient space:

Most of the time we end up constructing larger houses without making complete use of the space available. Settling in a tiny house is currently more than just a trend. Tiny homes provides much more financial advantages along with efficient living.

4. Manage home temperature

Properly insulating your homes can reduce the heat during summers and warm your home during winter. Compared to the homes built with bricks, sand, cements etc., insulated homes can save both energy and money.

Installing double glazed windows can be a perfect way to trap the air and manage your home temperatures. This method ensures that there is a maximum use of the natural resources and absolute no waste in energy, making your home completely eco-friendly.

5. Sunshine and smart purchases:

Design your home to make most use of the natural sunlight and air. Glass doors, Skylights etc. are some of the effective ways to bring in more natural lights indoor and reduce the usage of artificial lightings. Ensure to select the appliances that saves energy along with switching regular bulbs to eco bulb.

6. Go local & rainwater:

Most of the time during construction of homes, additional expenses occurs in transportation of the materials only. With the implementation of local building materials, you are likely to save money and this making this extremely sustainable.

With increase in population and the challenge of climatic changes over years, the concept of rain water harvesting has been trending and has been followed by most of the architects while designing homes. Installing a rain water tank and making use of water efficient appliances can save lot of water for future use.

7. Less waste and save power:

One of the best way to respect the resources and avoid causing any harm is by following the concept of “reuse and recycling”. During construction or demolition of buildings, try re-using most of the materials. You can try selling woods, bricks or metals and even old appliances used earlier for scrap value to avoid unnecessary wastages.

In addition, installing renewable power to your homes can make it cost effective and efficient. Analyse your existing electricity use and choose a power company that would make use of the renewable sources perfect for your home.

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8. Magic with nature:

Most of them while designing their homes ends up using paints with high chemical levels that can have adverse health effect. Eco – friendly paints are made using natural materials and have comparatively lower or no chemicals used, making them much safer to be used at homes.

Alternatively, one more way to embrace sustainable home is by implementing house plants. Indoor and outdoor plants can make your house look beautiful and attractive, along with creating a calmer environment around.

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