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10 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Bathroom Design of 2020

Designing a bathroom is a major commitment. Gone are those times when bathrooms were just a hidden space at our homes. Today, from bathroom sinks, tiles, colors, faucets, lightings etc. every decision on buying matters. Customers are given larger options to design this small space of their home that are perfect for their lifestyles.

A well designed bathroom space with the adequate bathroom suits is important for an individual to prepare their day ahead or to relax after a stressful one. There are many ways to make this limited space stylish, inviting, and relaxing as much larger bathrooms.

The key is to choose the right elements. Your choice of the bathroom accessories should not be limited solely depending on the space availability, but should be depended on designing smartly with this limited space.

These are the 10 different ways to design your bathroom with a modern style:

1. Explore different textures

Consider experimenting with texture and visual effects to create a unique space .Neutral base color and an additional complementary color makes the bathroom look larger and spacious. The use of a rough surface (i.e. cement / sand) along with a neutral colored tiles gives this bathroom a relaxing and warmer atmosphere

2. Magic with neutral materials

While designing a space, every color used has its own significance. If you are after designing a modern styled simple bathroom neutral colors creates the magic.

Neutral bathroom need not always be painted white or light colored. Try shades of grey along with white or light colored bathroom accessories to avoid the space from looking too dark. A touch of wooden material gives a rustic feel and warmth to the space.

3. Warm things up

We can always toss some warm colors to bathroom design. Usage of colors can change the feel of interiors, especially in case of bathrooms. The color on the walls and tiles is more highlighted with the suitable colors of the accessories used.

4. Minimalistic style

With the bathroom having very limited space available, make sure to use minimal materials within this area. Avoid the usage of large cupboards or storage units.

5. Symmetry is the best geometry

For a modern bathroom, make use of the space with the concept of symmetry which gives a calming environment and visual balance to the eyes.

Symmetry concept in a bathroom can make it look like every corner of the bathroom area has been used effectively. With the help of lightings, mirror, bathtub, doors etc. this balance can be created.

6. Reflect the surroundings with geometric tiles

To create an illusion of a larger floor space, geometric bathroom tile scheme is highly suitable. Consider choosing a lighter shaded monochrome tiles if you want a muted finish along with brass fittings to add a warmer note.

7. Opt for sleek stylish sanitary ware

Modern toilets come in many shapes, sizes and colors. New and upgraded technologies converts an ordinary bathroom to extraordinary spaces. Smooth edges and simple silhouettes make for stylish sanitary ware in a modern bathroom.

8. Go green!!

We often fill our balconies and living room with enough greenery . So why not accessories the bathrooms with some leafy touch?

Indoor plans not only gives a lovely visual addition to a space, but also give a soothing feel and adds colors to your bathroom. If your bathroom does not have a window letting in natural sunlight, make use of faux plants or artificial plants of various sizes to decorate your area.

9. Minimalist bathroom idea with large marble tiles

Marble tiles on the wall helps to 'extend' the space. Bigger tiles will accomplish better appearance of these colossal marble tiles.

10. Transform to modern

Don't hesitate to try different layout for your bathroom. Simple details can make a big difference for bathrooms. Add a modern look to your spaces by giving a walk in design to the shower area. Slightly raised floors along with simple glass separation can make the space look more utilized.

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